YLHS Tennis Players Excelling Off The Court (Updated 3/17/17)
3/6/2016 1:21 PM
Our tennis players excel on and off the court. We are so proud of them.

On March 17th, 2017 students at Yorba Linda High School were honored at our Renaissance Assembly

Arts Students of the Year
  • Rachel Seo - Newspaper

Freshmen Top 5
  • Tyler Nguyen

Sophomore Top 5 (no particular order)
  • Ryan Lowery
  • Andrew (AJ) Song
  • Kolya Isterabadi

Junior Top 10
  • Danielle Lee

And we are very proud that two of our tennis players will be leading Yorba Linda High School next year. Congratulations to
  • Katelyn Walker: 2017-2018 ASB President
  • Lauren Bui: 2017-2018 ASB Vice President

On May 16th, 2016, Yorba Linda High School held a Senior Awards Night to honor the Class of 2016. Congratulations to the following YLHS tennis players
  • Mustang Scholar Silver Award
  • Marie Bae
  • Quinn Bogenrief
  • Catherine Canfield
  • Josh Darnbrough
  • Erika Paul
  • Science Department Award
  • Josh Darnbrough
  • California Scholastic Federation (CSF) Scholarship
  • Marie Bae
  • Joann Fu
  • National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship
  • Marie Bae
  • College Board National Merit Commended Scholar
  • Marie Bae
  • Placentia Yorba Linda Unified Council Scholarship Award
  • Marie Bae
  • US Marine Corp Award for Scholastic Excellence
  • Josh Darnbrough

In March 2016 , YLHS honored many of the brightest Mustangs and several of them are our tennis players. Congratulations to

Class of 2016
  • Marie Bae
  • Josh Darnbrough

Class of 2018
  • Danielle Lee

Class of 2019
  • AJ Song
  • Ryan Lowery

We are so proud of our players that have stood out so much that their teachers named them their "Student of the Month"!
  • 2016
  • October
  • Isaiah Seo (Mrs. Atmadja)
  • Rachel Seo (Ms. Ferris)
  • Daniel Lee (Mrs. Nicholson)
  • Quinn Bogenreif (Mr. Greg Walls)
  • Anthony Park (Mrs. Ward)
  • November
  • Emily Valenciano (Mrs. Atmadja)
  • Isaiah Seo (Mrs. Farrell)
  • December
  • AJ Song (Ms. Luxa)
  • January
  • Aiden Azarrafiy (Mrs. Farrell)
  • Khoi Tran (Mr. Moore)
  • Ben Trenery (Mrs. St. Amant)
  • February
  • Josh Darnbrough (Mr. Bloom)
  • Danielle Lee (Mr. Buchan)
  • Anthony Park (Mr. Lejano)
  • Khoi Tran (Ms. Luxa)
  • March
  • Sophia Yackey (Mr. Aed)
  • Danielle Lee (Ms. Luxa)
  • Brian Le (Mrs. Maeder)
  • Cherise Lewis (Mr. Walls)
  • April
  • AJ Song (Mrs. Nicholson)
  • May
  • AJ Song (Mrs. Atmadja)
  • Aiden Azarrafiy (Mrs. Collins)
  • Maria Paula Loc (Mrs. Nicholson)

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