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Countdown to the Orange Lutheran Match

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Junior Varsity Men's Tennis Schedule & Results
Page Created By: Rey Lejano Date : 9/1/2013
2018 YLHS Men's Junior Varsity Tennis Schedule
Date Opponent & Result Location & Post-Match Record League or Non-League
Thursday, February 15th Woodbridge Home Scrimmage
Tuesday, February 20th Orange Lutheran Anaheim Tennis Center 2:30pm Start Non-League
Wednesday, Feb 21st Martin Luther King MLK High School Non-League
Saturday, February 24th Clinic Costa Mesa Tennis Center Clinic
Tuesday, February 27th Valencia Home Non-League
Wednesday, Feb 28th Santiago Corona Home Non-League
Thursday, March 1st Cypress Cypress High School Non-League
Tuesday, March 13th Esperanza Esperanza High School Conference
Wednesday, March 14th Edison Edison High School (Both Teams) Non-League
Thursday, March 15th El Modena Home Conference
Tuesday, March 20th Villa Park Home League
Thursday, March 22nd El Dorado El Dorado High School League
Tuesday, April 10th Foothill Home League
Thursday, April 12th Canyon Canyon High School Conference
Tuesday, April 17th Brea Olinda Home Conference
Wednesday, April 18th Troy Home Non-League
Thursday, April 19th Villa Park Villa Park High School League
Monday, April 23rd Foothill (Senior Night) Foothill High School League
Tuesday, April 24th El Dorado Home League

2017 YLHS Men's Junior Varsity Schedule and Results          
Date Opponent Location/Result & Post-Match Record League or Non-League
Tuesday, February 21st Martin Luther King Jr Riverside W 14-4 (0-0 League; 1-0 Overall) Non-League
Wednesday, Feb 22nd Orange Lutheran W 11-7 (0-0 League; 2-0 Overall) Non-League
Thursday, February 23rd Sunny Hills W 10-6 (0-0 League; 3-0 Overall) Non-League
Saturday, February 26th Costa Mesa Tennis Center HS Clinic JV Photos From The Clinic
Tuesday, February 28th Valencia L 9-9 (73-80) (0-0 League; 3-1 Overall) Non-League
Wednesday, March 1st Santiago Corona W 10-8 (0-0 League; 4-1 Overall) Non-League
Thursday, March 2nd Cypress Cancelled Non-League

Tuesday, March 7th Fullerton W 14-2 (0-0 League; 5-1 Overall) Non-League
Wednesday, March 8th Troy Cancelled Non-League
Tuesday, March 14th Esperanza W 16-2 (0-0 League; 6-1 Overall) Conference
Wednesday, March 15th Edison L 5-13 (0-0 League; 6-2 Overall)
Thursday, March 16th El Modena W 14-4 (0-0 League; 7-2 Overall) Conference
Tuesday, March 21st El Dorado W 13-5 (1-0 League; 8-2 Overall) League
Thursday, March 23rd Foothill W 12-6 (2-0 League; 9-2 Overall) League
Tuesday, March 28th Villa Park W 13-5 (3-0 League; 10-2 Overall) League
Thursday, March 30th Canyon W 15-3 (3-0 League; 11-3 Overall) Conference
Tuesday, April 18th Brea Olinda W 15-3 (3-0 League; 12-3 Overall) Conference
Thursday, April 20th El Dorado W 15-3 (4-0 League; 13-3 Overall) League
Monday, April 24th Villa Park W 14-4 (5-0 League; 14-3 Overall) League
Tuesday, April 25th Foothill L 6-12 (5-1 League; 14-4 Overall) League

2016 YLHS Men's JV Tennis Results
Date Opponent & Result & Link to Photos Location & Post-Match Record League or Non-League
Saturday, Feb 20th Servite (Scrimmage) YLHS 1:30pm Scrimmage
Thursday, February 25th Sunny Hills 5-11 0-1 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League
Saturday, February 27th Clinic Costa Mesa Tennis Center
Monday, February 29th Orange Lutheran W 14-4 1-1 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League
Tuesday, March 1st Valencia L 7-11 1-2 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League
Thursday, March 3rd Servite W 15-3 2-2 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League
Monday, March 7th Fullerton W 15-3 3-2 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League
Thursday, March 10th Edison W 12-4 4-2 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League
Tuesday, March 15th Esperanza W 14-4 5-2 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League Conference
Thursday, March 17th El Dorado W 13-5 6-2 Overall; 0-0 League Non-League Conference
Friday, March 18th Troy Concelled YLHS Non-League
Tuesday, March 22nd Canyon W 13-5 7-2 Overall; 1-0 League League
Thursday, March 24th El Modena W 13-5 8-2 Overall; 2-0 League League
Tuesday, April 12th Brea Olinda W 18-0 9-2 Overall; 3-0 League League
Thursday, April 14th Villa Park W 18-0 10-2 Overall; 3-0 League Non-League Conference
Monday, April 18th Canyon W 12-6         11-2 Overall; 4-0 League League
Tuesday, April 19th Foothill W 12-6 12-2 Overall; 4-0 League Non-League Conference
Tuesday, April 26th El Modena W 12-6 13-2 Overall; 5-0 League League
Thursday, April 28th Brea Olinda W 12-6 14-2 Overall; 6-0 League League

2015 YLHS

Men's JV

Tennis Schedule

Date Opponent Location League or Non-League
Saturday, Feb 21st Servite (Scrimmage) YLHS 2pm Scrimmage
Monday, Feb 23rd Troy L 3-15 (0-1; 0-0) Non-League
Postponed Cerritos YLHS Non-League
Saturday, February 28th Clinic Costa Mesa Tennis Center 8:15am at YLHS for Carpooling
Tuesday, March 3rd Valencia L 7-11 (0-2; 0-0) Non-League
Wednesday, March 4th Edison W 12-6 (1-2; 0-0) Non-League
Monday, March 9th Fullerton W 16-0 (2-2; 0-0) Non-League
Wednesday, March 11th Servite W 14-4 (3-2; 0-0) Non-League
Thursday, March 12th Sunny Hills L 8-8 (70-74) (3-3; 0-0) Non-League
Tuesday, March 17th Esperanza W 17-1 ( 4-3; 0-0) Non-League Conference
Wednesday, March 25th Cypress W 11-7 (5-3; 0-0) Non-League
Thursday, March 19th El Dorado W 15-3 (6-3; 0-0) Non-League Conference
Tuesday, March 24th El Modena W 16-2 (7-3; 1-0) League
Thursday, March 26th Brea Olinda W 14-4 (8-3; 2-0) League
Tuesday, April 14th Canyon W 11-7 (9-3; 3-0) League
Thursday, April 16th Villa Park W 12-6 (10-3; 3-0) Non-League Conference
Tuesday, April 21st Foothill W 13-5 (12-3; 4-0) Non-League Conference
Thursday, April 23rd El Modena W 18-0 (11-3; 4-0) League
Tuesday, April 28th Brea Olinda (Senior Night) W 11-7 (12-4; 5-0) League
Thursday, April 30th Canyon W 12-6 (13-4; 6-0) League

2014 YLHS

Men's JV

Tennis Schedule

Date Opponent Location/Results League or Non-League
Sat, February 22nd HS Tennis Clinic Costa Mesa Tennis Center 9am
Sat, February 22nd Servite Home (2pm) Formal Scrimmage
Thurs, February 27th Sunny Hills L 3-13 Non-League
Tues, March 4th Servite L 9-9 (73-75) Non-League
Wed, March 5th Edison W 10-8 Non-League
Monday, March 10th Fullerton W 13-3 Non-League
Tues, March 11th Western W 14-2 League
Tues, March 18th Valencia L 2-16 League
Wed, March 19th Canyon W 11-7 Non-League
Thurs, March 20th Cypress L 8-10 League
Tues, March 25th Kennedy W 18-0 League
Thurs, March 27th Pacifica W 18-0 League
Thurs, April 3rd El Dorado W 14-2 Non-League
Tues, April 8th Tustin Cancelled League
Thurs, April 10th Western W 13-5 League
Tues, April 29th Cypress L 5-13 League
Wed, April 30th  Valencia L 7-11 League
Thurs, May 1st Kennedy W 18-0 League
Monday, May 5th Pacifica W 17-1 League
Tues, May 6th Tustin Cancelled League

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